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President's Address

Mulund Gymkhana is a pride of Mulund Suburb. In 1983, all veterans came together for Sports activities in Mulund. They registered one Trust and thousands of people joined their hands and now, after 30 year's efforts by Gymkhana committees, you can see the results, a huge Gymkhana building at the heart of Mulund City, a big playground and thousands of students as well as seniors playing altogether in this Gymkhana Premises.
All our previous committees serve dedicated efforts towards Gymkhana and now you can see the results. All these are being achieved with dedicated and sincere efforts of the all Previous Managing Committees, Staff and Coaches and with the blessings and cooperation from all Life Members.
We took the charge of Gymkhana in year 2013, April 28th. We put our efforts to give more shine to our Gymkhana. Responses for various faculties were tremendously increased during last year. Our Endeavour is to create a successful present while building a brilliant future. As all of you know the purpose of life is a life of purpose.
My dream, your dream, our dream is to have Mulund Gymkhana as a dream Gymkhana.
So let us come together and redevelop present Gymkhana into our Dream Gymkhana.
I am grateful to all of you for rendering constant support to our team and hope to receive the same in future.
Chetan V. Salvi
Mulund Gymkhana